South Korea 2017-2018

Follow along during my adventures as an English teacher with the English Program in Korea (EPIK) in Ulsan, South Korea:

  1. Big Decisions and New Beginnings
  2. My Move to Korea -FAQ
  3. EPIK Orientation Week
  4. Life in Korea: Initial Impressions
  5. It’s True: “You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone”
  6. Underrated Ulsan
  7. MSW Completed + Stomach Flu Defeated
  8. 100 Days Later (almost)
  9. Sneaky Shock
  10. Seoulicious
  11. Getting Intimate with the Mountains of Korea
  12. Overdue Rambling
  13. Korea’s Subtle Teachings
  14. Adventure or Stability?
  15. Observations of a Collective Society
  16. Siren Song of the Summit
  17. How do you measure a year?
  18. So long 2017
  19. I’m not crying. You’re crying.