MSW Completed + Stomach Flu Defeated

At the start of April – I told my co-workers to expect me to be a significantly happier human being at the end of the month. After procrastinating completing my final capstone portfolio for my MSW, I officially had three weeks to submit everything, and four weeks until my presentation – it was time to buckle down. What followed, was a vicious cycle of procrastinating by doing anything BUT my homework (not limited to, but including, an increased amount of working out, drinking wine, going out for dinners, eating pizza, adventuring to new sites, and “studying Korean”). This would then be followed by a period of guilt and stress, which resulted in a period of productivity – April was a god damn roller coaster ride.

Gamcheon Cultural Village – Busan
Dinner at White House – An amazing Turkish meal (ironically, one of the best meals I have had in Korea)

In the midst of my procrastination, I was also happy to be distracted by the blooming cherry blossoms throughout Ulsan and Gyeongju. This only happens once a year, so I had to take advantage – right?

Gyeongju – For the first time, I actually felt like I was in Korea. I am quite fond of the Korean architecture.

Aside from these distractions and periods of procrastination, I had no choice but to buckle down and complete my final project for my MSW. To my surprise, the day I submitted by final project, and one week prior to my panel presentation, I was blessed with the worst stomach flu I have had since childhood. My friend Caitlin and I have shown up a number of times wearing matching outfits – cute, I know. What isn’t cute, is coming down with matching stomach flus. While we spent the week exchanging stories about our bodily fluids, the hilarity behind it all only went so far as I spent over 60 hours dying in my bed.

The potluck I had with co-workers hours before I got sick – this was super fun to throw up later #nawt

Two and a half sick days, and a few bowls of oatmeal later, I was finally able to start moving around and eat more than a tablespoon of slop (oatmeal) at a time. I felt weak and exhausted, and despite feeling “better”, my stomach disagreed. Luckily, I had netflix, naps and my awesome boyfriend to keep me company over video chat.

Story time with Jay – he’s the best.
Attempted to go to work on day three – ended up sleeping the day away in the nap room.

The Saturday after I was sick, I thought I was almost better and decided to go out for the day (I had been trapped in my apartment far too long). I felt okay throughout the day, and when I woke up on Sunday morning I, once again, felt like I was dying. Five days later, the stomach flu had not let up.

My brief day of feeling better – taking in the beautiful Taehwa River in Ulsan
I thought if anything could cure the stomach flu, it was puppies – I was wrong.

I decided to go to the doctor – hoping to get a magic pill to fix my problem. Instead, what I got was a two day stay in the hospital – not exactly what I had hoped for. As the doctor told me I would be admitted for three to four days, I nearly had a nervous breakdown knowing I had my final presentation for my MSW on Wednesday morning. After one night, and two miserable days in the hospital, I was able to sweet talk my way out, even though they wanted to keep me at least another day. I have always proven to be quite stubborn, and this was no exception. I spent the next day re-energizing myself with real food after starving for two days and was pleasantly surprised that I felt much better.

The IV was great until it infiltrated and my hand was swollen like a balloon.
Apparently, this is what my room looks like after a few days of illness #Impressive

The following day was my final capstone presentation. I practiced in 10000000 x, and finally felt prepared, still completely terrified, I did it!

Blah blah blah, my presentation went well, blah blah… You get the idea.

Needless to say, April brought far too much work and stress than my body could handle, and I could not be happier it’s over. I suppose April showers bring May flowers. Oh, and it didn’t hurt that the stomach flu helped me get bikini ready for my upcoming #Namcation – optimist over here. Excited to head to Vietnam this Sunday – I can’t think of a better way to celebrate!


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