Setting the context: Initial thoughts on Blogging as a Reflective Tool

As I am well into my second month of my practicum project – the implementation, management and evaluation of the Legal Health Check-Up (more details on that later), I have realized that I have not taken the time to critically reflect on my practice as a leader.

Having worked on the front-line in the social work field for a number of years now, I have had the opportunity to become skilled at critical reflection and supervision on a micro level. Now that I have the opportunity to develop my skills as a leader, I have come to the realization that critical reflection is not only important, but should be a mandatory practice for all leaders.

Having thought this since beginning my practicum, I began researching reflective tools and critical reflection practices for people in leadership positions. I came across an article – “Blogging as a reflective tool for leadership development: An exploratory study of a leadership practicum grounded in the Relational Leadership Model” By Deana Raffo. This article not only inspired me to begin blogging as a tool for reflective practice, but also inspired the name of my site. Raffo, discusses Daudelin and Hall’s (2007) thoughts on the “three stages in reflection that leverage learning”. These three stages are wander, capture and share. As outlined by Raffo these are the significance of the three stages to reflection:

  1. Wander – promotes the free-flowing thought process where ideas, questions and concepts are explored.
  2. Capture – gives form to the thought process where ideas are “recorded”, often in writing but can also include oral expression (perhaps I’ll give “vlogging” a go?)
  3. Share – Insights are reported to others, the instructor, classmates, or even a broader audience.

The idea of wandering, capturing and sharing, gave further validity to my need to reflect on my practice in a way that is both meaningful and significantly contributes to my learnings.

Stay in touch as I wander, capture and share my way through my MSW practicum experience and beyond.


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